Players: 3-12

Playing time: 30-40 min|Age: 8+

Unleash Your Imagination and Tell Enchanting Stories

Dixit is a captivating and beautifully illustrated game of storytelling and imagination. Players take turns as the storyteller, giving a clue about one of their whimsical and surreal image cards. The other players select cards from their hands that best match the clue, creating a rich tapestry of possibilities. Points are awarded based on the ability to guess the storyteller's card and to mislead others with your own.

Game Highlights:

  • Creative Storytelling: Each turn, a new storyteller gives a clue for their card, using a word, phrase, or story, allowing for endless creativity.
  • Beautiful Illustrations: Each card features stunning artwork that inspires imagination and sparks conversation.
  • Engaging Gameplay: Players must balance between being too obvious and too obscure with their clues, making each round a fun and strategic challenge.
  • Interactive Experience: Dixit encourages players to think creatively and share their interpretations, making it a perfect game for friends and family.

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